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Limited Edition | Build your own magical shelf | Sweet Shop

Limited Edition | Build your own magical shelf | Sweet Shop

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  • The shelves are sold separately. There are 2 color variants, please choose accordingly.
    ♡ 3.5"-4" in size! It is a big pin! 
    ♡ The centre is hallow so that you can arrange the small pins freely.
    ♡ Gold Plated with pearl glitter and screenprint
    ♡ 4 Post with Rubber Clutches and a back stamp

  • The small pins are bundled in a set of 5 which will not be changed. 
    ♡ 1.5-1.7cm in size
    ♡ Gold Plated with glitter and screenprint
    ♡ 1 Post with Rubber Clutch and a back stamp

  • Full sweet shelf colleciton includes everything 
    ♡ 2 shelves (1 of each color)
    ♡ 30 candy pins
    ♡ Higher savings (15%off vs 10%)

** The final pin may be slightly different from the picture due to the limitation of pin manufacturing. ** This is a standard grade listing. Please check my Q&As section for grading policy. **